Alex Rieneck

I was born the year that Martin Luther King, Jr made his most famous speech from the steps at the Lincoln Memorial, on the birthday of Federico Fellini, but in Sydney, Australia.

I was educated by followers of a long dead shepherd from the middle east, and then, later, by humanists. I was then, and am now, an out-and-proud wool gatherer.

I make my living by thinking, having opinions, and then writing them down. I still find this surprising but I am repeatedly assured that neither the writing or the opinions are half as bad as I sometimes think they are. This is apparently the primary reason for the cheques that fall through the hole in the front door.

I am white, reasonably blond, reasonably thin, wear spectacles, talk incessantly and am reasonably reasonable.

I sometimes (rarely) write to order and have thoroughly unreasonable rates.

In the past I have written for The Sydney Herald, Computer Living Magazine, Pure Magazine, Wizzbang, PCWorld, PCBuyer Magazine, Australian MacWorld magazine and (as the mans says) many more. Once, long, long, ago, even for Radio 2GB.

Currently my main regular writing gig is with Gleet Net I I have just finished one book and am hard at work on the next. The one that is finished is a love story. The one that isn't, isn't.

I am inordinately fond of cats, good coffee and the films of the Coen Brothers. I read lots of Roman history and no longer smoke.